Selected Coffee Variations
We have a wide selection of the best coffee, ready to be shipped to your country.
Coffee With Indonesian Taste
Coffee from Indonesia is well known in foreign countries with Arabica and Robusta.
Lanang / Peaberry Coffee
Robusta single bean coffee
Robusta Premium / Red Cherry Coffee
Robusta in the highland of Dempo Mountain
Arabica Gayo
Arabica coffee with natural process
Coffee for cafe, home industry, and retail.

Puyang Coffee & Oewah Coffee is a company that was founded in 2019 in Bandar Lampung.

Provides a variety of roast beans Arabica, Peaberry & Robusta. Provides also original ground coffee with several variants, roasted & ground coffee. Owns own and family’s own plantation land in South Sumatra.

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Natural & Fresh

All of our coffee is picked traditionally without using machines and without the use of chemicals.

Selected Seeds

To produce good quality products, we select various coffee beans that we take from farmers

First Hand From Farmers

All our coffee beans are also taken first hand, we guarantee the quality of our coffee.

High Level Quality Control

Apart from our selection of coffees that we accept, we also carry out strict quality control.

Affordable prices

We have affordable prices with the best quality authentic coffee from Indonesia.

Air & Sea Shipping

We also accept shipments by sea or by air.

We Provide Ground Coffee

 Lanang / Peaberry Ground Coffee




Robusta Premium / Red Cherry Ground Coffee


Various Coarse Level


Our Gallery

Information & Office

Provides a variety of green bean coffee, Robusta, Peaberry, Arabica.

Korpri Blok B.7 No.7 Korpri Raya Sukarame Bandar Lampung 35131.

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